Nuggets of knowledge is a great way of making a video to show your clients you are knowledgable about the product or services that you provide. Nuggets of knowledge are pieces of information about your business explained in a video. With this video we portrayed Tamsin Kolbe’s Social Media Marketing Business – Social Happiness.

A series of videos where shot about one of the fastest growing apps to date – Instagram. With these videos we shot Nuggets of Knowledge detailing: How to create an instagram profile; Why to create an Instagram profile; instagram features and how to post on instagram. The Nuggets of knowledge videos we shot also aided Tamsin greatly in her skills workshops that she presents at Avontuur Wine Estate. Her viewers can learn the basics of Instagram quickly by simply watching a video, so that she can go over the more complicated methods and details about Instagram in her lecture.

Social Happiness is a strategic digital marketing company who focuses on helping our clients reach their potential customers where they are spending time online. Tamsin and her team¬†focuses on individual strategies to suit our client’s needs. Contact us to have a chat about your business. You can send an email to or visit

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