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We’re guessing that you’ve arrived here because you’re thinking about ordering a video for your brand. We know how difficult it can be – after all, you’re purchasing something that doesn’t exist yet. We are all about listening to our clients and creating the most powerful and relevant videos that represent their brand.

Filmmaking is our passion. Being a small video production company, we have full control over the entire creative process. Starting from the initial concept, capturing the footage to shaping the end product with editing. As a client, you never have to worry about the technical challenges of the production process, because we confidently guide the project from concept to delivery. With multiple approval stages, we make sure the promotional video you have ordered represents your brand and sends a strong message to the world.

We are based in Somerset West and serve big and small brands throughout Cape Town. Being a boutique agency, we are able to service international clients easily as the team travels cost effectively.

House of Vizion – delivering high quality videos to brands large and small.

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Andre is the brain behind House of Vizion. He overlooks the entire production process. From capturing the footage, to mastering the sound, he will be there to ensure your video meets the highest industry standards. With his technical mind and attention to detail, Andre makes sure your video looks good, sounds good and its super-charged to take the online world by storm!


Kat is the creative force in House of Vizion. She will come up with ideas and prepare a storyboard for you. Kat directs the troops and makes everybody super excited. She is the fairy godmother that sprinkles fairy dust over your video. Kat is also a final editor. Obsessed with music and rhythm, she makes your video an electrifying masterpiece!

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  1. Annette Beller-Sogor

    Kat was amazing @the Morgenster Launch on Monday!
    Such a good feeling for atmosphere…motivating the guests…I am sure her pics are stunning! Kind regards.Annette Beller-Sogor

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