Why a How to Video?

In the world of competitive marketing, you cannot rely on old school marketing strategies alone. Content marketing has become the new buzz word. Creating good content people would enjoy and share now plays a very big factor in building brand credibility and awareness. One of the best ways to achieve this, is to create a series of “expert tips” videos where you share your expertise. These short how to videos will expand your influence and improve your visibility online.


Tips for your How to Video

When planning your how to video, it is important to consider which expert tips are useful and practical to your target market. Be sure to share relevant tips that your audience would enjoy and share. It is very important that you build your how to video series to run along your marketing plan, as this will make your brand message more consistent. To build a good audience you’ll also want to make sure you share videos on a frequent basis as this will create a sense anticipation from your viewers as they wait for the next episode. You can record a few videos in one session and share them online afterwards.


The making of your How to Video

In order to make a successful how to video, a little bit of planning needs to go into the process. The first step would be to prepare a short list of the different expert tips or demonstrations you’d like to share. This will set the foundation for the planning process as we work through the details with you. Our creative team will make the process as simple as possible so you can focus on your business. So, why wait, enquire about your new how to video series today!

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