House of Vizion offers professional photography for your business. We have vast experience in product photography, fashion photography, profile shoots, and more. We specialize in making your business look as professional as possible online. Professional photography is important if you would like to attract specific clients who as an eye for quality. We love working with teams and individuals and we accommodate briefs as we know how important your business is to you.


If you have a restaurant and you need new menus or professional photography to improve the menu, our team will do our best to photograph your delicious dishes so that it looks like it tastes. It goes without saying that when someone visits your website, professional photography is important to make you stand out from all of the other websites out there.


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  • food photography

    Heritage Day Plant Based -33

  • food photography

    Heritage Day Plant Based -29

  • food photography

    Heritage Day Plant Based -14

  • fashion photography

    Nubian Editorial 2019 – 164 -2138

  • fashion photography

    Nubian Editorial 2019 – 15 -1310

  • fashion photography

    genesis 2018-43

  • fashion photography

    genesis 2018-10

  • fashion photography

    Zania Louw -3

  • fashion photography

    Zania Louw -19

  • TRUNK Events -7

  • Team photos -70

  • Lee Simon -32

  • Bakenhof styled shoot TRUNK -14

  • TMA 5 Aleit Swanepoel -5809

  • recipe photos


  • Zeitz MOCAA Sunday brunch -3

  • fashion photography

    genesis 2018-27

Quality food photography is what draws attention to a culinary blog. In today’s time viewers search for tips and that’s where brands have the opportunity to promote products..

fashion photography

Fashion photography is essential in building a successful clothing brand. Every good fashion house puts out a yearly fashion collection, some of them even seasonal ones. Those photographs showcase trends, inspire followers, and intrigue potential buyers. We have assisted many brands over the years in creating enticing photographs to help establish their position on the market.

Model portfolio

Did you ever think of what your profile photos tell about you? Especially, your profile photos on LinkedIn or on a job website should be credible and show your true self because if someone doesn’t know you, the first impression s/he makes about you is by looking at your picture.

Launch photography

If you have a product to sell, good quality pictures are the first thing to consider to showcase your product to give it the best visibility online or for printed mediums.