food photography

Quality food photography is what draws attention to a culinary blog. In today’s time viewers search for tips and that’s where brands have the opportunity to promote products..

So instead of selling your burger or almond milk, why not educate your audience on how to use it in a creative way? And remember, photos are a strategic selling point of every recipe. Video is great to show the process, but you still need a juicy image to cover your article. And that’s where we come in with a quality, mouth-watering food photography!

Amazing photos attract followers – and make them stay! While viewers are looking for a recipe or a cooking tip, they are being exposed to multitude of images. Make sure yours stands out! Food photography is a science on it’s own, with special props making the food look fresh and juicy, with techniques and lighting gear to bring the best out of every bite. We know the tricks on how to make your burger look oh-so-delicious! And your potatoes crispy and hot! We use special liquids to make your steak look sizzling, and acrylic ice cubes to make your mojito look ice-cold. We add artificial smoke to your coffee, to make it look steaming hot. We have a special varnish to make your grapes shine and a liquid to create long-lasting drops on your beer bottles. We know how to photograph wine bottles and labels. There is a science to every kind of food photography!

One thing is for sure: big, bright, CRISP, make-you-want-to-reach-through-the-screen photographs draw clients into your content. We eat with our eyes, so photography is an important aspect of every food article.

Contact us to arrange your food shoot! We love portraying juicy, mouth-watering dishes. We work great on location too, so we can come to your restaurant, should you need a menu photographed.