profile photos

Professional profile photos are a vital part of your business image. Having profile photos taken in our studio gives you a set of sleek, high-end images that will represent you online.

Did you ever think of what your profile photos tells about you? Especially, your profile photos on LinkedIn or on a job website should be credible and show your true self because if someone doesn’t know you, the first impression s/he makes about you is by looking at your picture. Also, recruiters spend 19% of their time on your online profile by looking at your photos. This means that your photo is as important as your past experiences and skills. Therefore, be careful when choosing your profile image. Below you can find other important points of choosing the right profile picture.



  • YOUR PHOTO IS YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: Your photo gives others clues about your personality. Think about what message you want to give to other people and choose your photo accordingly. Do you want to be seen as cheerful and friendly or more authoritative and serious? Think about it before uploading your photo because it is your brand image. Your photo represents your personal brand.
  • SHOWS YOUR RECENT LOOK: Having a photo in your social media profile especially on LinkedIn tells people that your account is active. Make sure to use a recent photo of yourself that looks exactly like you because if you use an older photo or a photoshopped photo, then people can get surprised when they meet you in person.
  • MAKES YOU RECOGNISABLE: A face will help people remember you. If they have met you before or follow your other social media accounts, then seeing your photo will help them recognize you and connect your name with your face.
  • CREATES FIRST IMPRESSION: If someone doesn’t know you personally, seeing your picture will help them make a first impression about you. If they like your picture and get positive feelings from it, chances are that they will approach you friendly and so having an interaction with them will be much easier.
Having your profile photos captured by Kat is an easy and fun experience. Being a European Master Photographer, Kat is warm and approachable, she always makes her models feel comfortable in front of the camera.
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