The Promotional video production process

The process of promotional video production:

  1. Concept meeting – during this meeting we discuss the goals of your promotional video production, the style, the length and other technical details.
  2. Storyboarding – our creative team will prepare a detailed storyboard for you, outlining the visuals and the message portrayed in your video
  3. Writing scripts and planning interviews – in cooperation between the client and the creative team, we decide what wording tells your story the best way and how we are going to present it.
  4. Client approval – the client gives the final OK for the storyboard and the scripts
  5. Filming and editing – now the magic happens! Our creative team will capture the audio and the footage for your promotional video. Carefully edited, it will be shaped into a draft for further approval.
  6. Private screening – first viewing of your new promotional video. After viewing your video we’ll request feedback from you and discuss any possible adjustments to the video.
  7. Final tweaks – the editor will apply the final changes and ensure all the elements of your promotional video are in perfect harmony
  8. Your video is ready! We will upload your video online for you to share on your website and social media. We can also deliver a hard copy if required.

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