Why Video Testimonials?

Testimonials are extremely powerful to help build a good brand reputation, as you have a third party giving a big thumbs up to your business. Video testimonials have even more impact, as you see a real person talk about their experience with your company. This raises your companies credibility to a whole new level, as the testimonial comes across more credible. In today’s world of marketing an endorsement from a customer can carry your business to new lengths.


How to use Video Testimonials?

There are a number of ways video testimonials can be used.

  1. Have a testimonial recorded of a client sharing their experience with your business and share it on your social media channels and website to help spread the word of the amazing work you did for that client.
  2. Use the video testimonial, combined with video of that client using you product or service to share online. This video also doubles up as a mini marketing video, as you’re showcasing your product. This is a very good option, as a third party is now talking about the product you are tying to promote.
  3. When you combine a few video testimonials, we can also build a very powerful corporate video. Your corporate video will have extra impact as your clients “sell” your business on your behalf.
  4. When building a marketing video, it is also a very good idea to incorporate some testimonials, as again, you have a third party promoting your product.


How to get a Video Testimonial?

It is a fairly simple process to have video testimonials filmed. It’s all about asking the right questions to get exact result you are looking for. You cannot really script the response from your client, as this will look very staged on the video. Our approach is to establish the message you’re intending for your video and then formulating leading questions to get your client to tell their story in a way it will echo your message. If you decide to make video testimonials part of your marketing or corporate video, this will form part of the planning process of those videos too. So, why wait, enquire about a series of video testimonials today!

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